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Our vision

Today, I'm honoured to be able to continue and build upon my father's intuition and implement consolidated strategies, always with a constant eye on the evolution of the markets and new means of communication.

Over 4.200 companies from various Italian trade sectors - from mechanics to medicine, food to wine, fashion to design - choose our services when taking part in at least one of the 143 international trade shows that we officially represent. Furthermore, for several years, many of our exhibitors have been entrusting us with the planning, design and creation of exhibition spaces, stands and events, or they participate in various group shows we organise in over twenty countries worldwide.

I'm supported by a close-knit team of 25 professionals, who deal with a wide variety of activities including communication, market research, the sale of exhibition spaces and the planning, design and creation of booths for individuals or group shows. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with selected international partners, over the decades we have succeeded in providing a continually up-to-date, high quality service, which is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Armando Honegger