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About the project

Ome Metallurgica Erbese has been producing for over 70 years high quality fastening components according to international standards and based on the specific demands of its clients.
The vast range of products is made to meet the different needs of industrial sectors such as Oil&Gas, ships, conventional energy, nuclear energy, renewable energy, aerospace and major works.
Based in the north of Italy, Ome Metallurgica Erbese has different units for the integrated production of components, with warehouses for raw materials, automated cutting, turning and rolling centres, furnaces for thermal treatments, automated painting facilities as well as laboratories for the various product quality tests.
VED has chosen Honegger’s professional expertise for the design and creation of its stand for the IVS (Industrial Valve Summit) in Bergamo; a design capable of conveying the brand image to the different exhibition stand areas: reception, meeting and product line display areas.
IVS, the Industrial Valve Summit is the leading international event for Oil&Gas valve technologies and flow control solutions. A veritable information hub where you can be updated on market trends, meet global key-players, manufacturing excellence and find the latest technological innovations.