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About the project

Cyanagen is a biotech company founded in 2003 and which looks after the design, development and production of reagents to extract DNA/RNA.
Cyanagen actively contributed to the battle against COVID-19, developing a viral DNA/RNA extraction kit, CE/IVD, expanding from scientific research to in-vitro diagnostics.
Cyanagen is one the world’s main producers of chemiluminescent substrates and fluorescent dyes for biological analysis, cell imaging, genomics, proteomics and chemical sensors. Its technology is covered by international patents and achieves outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity, stability and ease of use.
Cyanagen has decided to enter the world of international trade fairs of global importance by participating in Medica + Compamed, market reference points where the performance of the sector and the latest innovations are presented, but above all where the foundations for the future are laid, because only in Düsseldorf are the trends of the global sector defined, attracting thousands and thousands of visitors every year.
Honegger, Italy’s sole representative for the Düsseldorf fair for over 50 years, looked after the participation of all Italian companies in Medica + Compamed and for Cyanagen also designed and created its exhibition spaces.