AnyPlan app on mobile phones

John is the founder of an innovative start-up in the medical sector: this year he has decided to attend an international exhibition for the first time. He wants to go global and enter the international market, so he’d like to expand in Europe and later in the Middle East and Asia. After analyzing different trade fairs, John has found the perfect one for his start-up. The trade show accepts his application and confirms the floor area required almost a year in advance. John begins to compare the offers made by different suppliers in order to have the best project for his booth, he plans the advertising news to be published on different trade magazines and does his best to support the activities of his commercial department. The investment project must be planned with attention to details to achieve good outcome.

Anna has a ten-year know-how in managing international business events; she works as Export Manager for an important company of the packaging sector and must plan the participation at the biggest trade fairs in the world for this field. As every year, she rents the space, plans the booth design and decides the best solution to present the company’s products. This is not easy, despite the long experience that Anna has gained during the years.


When everything is done, there’s one last difficulty for John and Anna, something that every single manager has to deal with: planning all the appointments with the old and the new clients that will be at the trade fair. This is a complicated activity, because finding the respective availabilities is not easy, as well as defining the meeting and optimizing the trade show attendance of the company. Moreover: during an event, there are always problems that occur regularly, i.e. cancelled meetings and time changes that cause a loss of possibilities for a company to meet more clients. All these things are a huge source of stress because matching the respective agendas is often difficult.


Why don’t you think about a new application? AnyPlan has been created to be manageable from mobile phones: it allows to organize multiple meetings during a trade fair, optimize the time of all managers like John and Anna, so that they will be facilitated in their planning activities. AnyPlan is specifically designed to solve the needs as manage all the meetings during a trade show or an event; the app is available both for iOS and Android mobile phones, has a clear layout and is user-friendly.
It’s easy to register in it, insert your personal and company data and find an event among the 4.000 trade fairs registered in the database. People can confirm their attendance both if they are visitors or exhibitors.


The user can share with a click his/her agenda availabilities for an event with all the users that are registered in the app. At the same time he can see that the other managers have confirmed their participation to the same trade fair. It is also possible to share the availability with other people that are present in the mobile phone address books. The recipients, if interested, can confirm date and time according to their availabilities. This confirmation will appear in the sender’s agenda on AnyPlan. Through this innovative app everything is fully optimized: the “Create Custom Meeting” function allows users to extend the invitations for a specific date and time during an event, filling all the free days in the agenda.


What is the biggest advantage of AnyPlan? Organizing business meetings very quickly, with adequate notice from the event! Moreover, the possible setbacks or changes during the trade fair can be easily managed inside the app: AnyPlan allows the ongoing connections with your contacts, so that any update will be notified in real time to the other person.

From now there will be one less problem during the organization of a trade show: managing business meetings won’t be an issue anymore, because AnyPlan will make it easier. We invite you to visit the website www.getanyplan.com and download the app for free from your mobile phone, iOS or Android.